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Only the finest quality,polyester based materials and UV stable inks are used in the making of Stained GlassArt Film colour effects and textures and they are guaranteed not to fade, crack or de-laminate.

As these materials have been used throughout the world -from the heat of theAustralian outback to the cold and damp of a Russian winter - with no reported failures,we are confident in giving a 10 year guarantee and an estimated life expectancy of over 25 years.


Regalead Stained Glass Art Film

Sheet Size 460mm x 660mm approx.

Temperature Range - 46C to 135C

UV Filtration 90% to 95% ASTM E903

Colour Stability All products rate 8+ on blue wool scale ( Excellent lightfastness The pigment will remain unchanged for more than 100 years of light exposure with proper mounting and display - Suitable for artistic use.)

IG Unit performance Conforms to fogging requirements of EN1279

US safety glass standard:
ANZI Z97.1-1984.



The lead is manufactured using the unique eco-friendly plating techniques, and have been fully weather and age tested to ASTM-G53-96 Standards.

The decorative finish of RegaLead Platinum, Antique and Brass is produced by a polymer coating which is pigmented. The coating has excellent adhesion to the lead surface and applications on external surfaces exposed to direct UV light and weathering are stable.

After product application and glazed installation care should be taken to prevent damage to the surface of the lead strip. The use of abrasive cleaners and aggressive solvents should always be avoided.

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